We are a fully a bilingual company with more than 10 distributors across Canada

Atelier Gérard Beaulieu is a third generation family owned metalworking and manufacturing company with over 100 years of experience.

AGB currently employs more than 40 employees, with most owning diplomas or university degrees. We are a fully a bilingual company with more than 10 distributors across Canada.

AGB provides products throughout North America, as well as hundreds of products across Europe and Africa. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2004 and we’ve designed and manufactured over 5,000 mobile and stationary tanks since being certified by Transport Canada in 2004. Locally in 1995, AGB was awarded Company of the Year in Restigouche and an award from the Industrial Commission of Restigouche. In addition, AGB was also awarded 2006 Business of the year in St- Quentin and an award from the Chamber of Commerce of St. Quentin. We’ve also been awarded a 2011 award for innovation from Business New Brunswick and in 2012, Marc Beaulieu, President of AGB, was nominated as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.

Our Mission is to design and manufacture of quality metal products.

Our Vision is to be known by all the leading manufacturers of machinery and equipment, so that they incorporate our products into their own.

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